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Below is a list of links to other websites that we feel you will find interesting and useful. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.


Bridget Healing Centre

Cygnus Books

Cygnus Books publish a free monthly magazine, Cygnus review, which is written with love to guide, uplift and inspire you. They select the best mind body spirit books and make them available to you at reduced prices, so you can feed your soul.... without burning a hole in your pocket.

Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Glastonbury Goddess Temple

Glastonbury Trust

Goddess Conference

The Crystal Man

The Oracle

Natural Earthling

The Psychic Piglet

Labyrinth Books

The Speaking Tree

Gothic Image

Heartfelt Trading

The Goddess & The Green Man

The Library of Avalon

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Tel: 01458 832759

Esoteric subjects, including (but, of course, not limited to): Astrology; Arthurian legend; fiction (SF, fantasy, historical and mythological); religions (comparitive, Paganism, Wicca, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Christianity and many others); occult teachings; magic (or magick) in numerous categories; divination; Tarot; Runes; reincarnation; Qabala (spelling optional); UFOs; ESP; astral projection; channelling; clairvoyance; philosophy; psychology; prophecy; Earth mysteries; environmental issues; sustainable living; alternative technology.


Caduceus is an independent journal focused on all aspects of healing-physical, psychological, spiritual, ecological and environmental.

Its aim is to inform and inspire.

Sweet Track Counselling Services

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A Trembling of the Veil

A two-day workshop with Andreas Kornevall

June 15th & 16th 2019

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A Trembling of the Veil


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