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The Wolf's Tale

A two-day course with Leslie Marsh & Andrew Marsh

A Wolf's TaleWe invite you to join us on a journey of discovery. You may be familiar with this story, but perhaps you only know it from one perspective… We will take you to see another… a different perspective entirely.

We shall begin with an introduction to the concept of journeying into the reality of a story. We will be venturing into the Forest of the Fae and there we seek one who can tell this story from their perspective. Through guided visualisation we will take you into the Forest of the Fae, the Forest of a myriad of tales, and we shall go inside…deep inside to the heart of it all.

By way of journeying to the drum we shall be better acquainted with the characters within the story. Through movement we shall connect and may even become them. Casting off the constraints of this reality you will spend time in the Forest learning the lesson of the story that is for you, and you alone…

This is not a child’s tale, but a tale of initiation, a tale of challenge, respect and understanding. A tale of being…of becoming

Course Price

Full price: £120. Concession: £100. Deposit: £40

Course Date

Saturday and Sunday - 19th-20th October 2019

Course Time

Saturday: 10:30am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:30am-4:30pm


The Avalon Community Centre, 1, King Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9JX

On this course you will learn….

  • There are two sides to every story…sometimes even more.
  • It is important to recognise the wisdom keepers around us.
  • Being true to your heart will take you through the deepest darkness.
  • There is all ways something new to learn, even with the familiar .
  • Stories are warnings, teachings and recipes for success.
  • When we learn the rules, we must understand how and when to apply them (stay on the path or be curious/ make our own path.

Participant's Requirements

This is a workshop that is suitable for all levels of journey experience – even if there is none, however a little experience is always good. As we use guided visualisation we are able to get people into space and connect them with Power Animals for this particular story. Therefore everyone will be having to connect with new guides.

There will be opportunity for people to get experience in journeying to the drum and those needing help will be guided into the story and out again.

It is suitable for those with physical challenges as long as we are aware beforehand and we can make sure their needs are provided for and they are comfortable. We journey lying down, but it is possible to do this in a seated position. The movement and dance sections are to the participant’s ability, so if there is decreased mobility they may choose to ‘dance’ with their Spirit – each person can choose the level at which they participate.

Need to Bring

Note pad & pen, drum/rattle, blanket, blindfold (if required), water.

Two sides to every story

Very often we are presented with only one explanation for a situation and can be expected to take sides one against another… we are also therefore being put into a space of judgement. How can we do this fairly if we only have one small piece of the puzzle? We must look for different perspective. We can learn to ask questions even if we think we may already know the answer, this can oft times be when we really do not.

Recognising the Wisdom Keepers

In our lives we tread many paths and there are times that we don’t recognise good advice when we are given it. Perhaps we are too focussed on something else. Perhaps we are having a bad day and dismiss someone/thing which doesn’t look like they would have anything pertinent or important to say. Think of Alice’s reaction to the Cheshire Cat.

When we are open to the wonders that can result in our curiosity and acceptance of those before us – however ‘strange’ the situation may seem, we can learn a lot about being present and being responsible for the consequences of our choices, or indeed those of others who may have come before us.

Being True To Our Hearts

This is always the best way to be. Honest with ourselves as well as others. We will not give everything for something that doesn’t fill us with a joyful heart. If we cannot trust ourselves – because we are not truly being ourselves then how can we be deemed trustworthy? There are many ways to trust, and to be true only one will make us feel ‘right’ about it.

We cannot walk the path through the Forest for another, we must do it for ourselves. This journey of initiation is such that only the surest foot will find purchase on the path. We will be challenged in this journey, and we have to be ready to understand our own heart.

All Ways Something To Learn

When we are so familiar with someone or something we tend to get complacent about it. Suddenly one day we may be shown how others perception is entirely different. Of course it’s not just about perspective it is also about taking things at face value. Do we know the reasoning behind certain beliefs we hold? Is there an ancestor in the family ‘we just don’t talk about’? Do you ever wonder why? Or perhaps it is you… Do you think that you are seen for who you are? Do people recognise your talents and abilities or just label you as a sibling, child, parent, grandparent etc.? Are you underestimated? Are you the one underestimating your Self?

Teaching Stories

The Story is a map. It is a ‘How To’ manual for the adventuring Soul who must seek their fortune through the Forest and out the other side. Think of your favourite tale, and see now how it entranced you as a child, what was it that you recognised of yourself within the story? Do you know where you keep that ‘you’? Each story has a myriad of meanings and characters for each scenario. Characters who test your wit and drive, some will be there to guide you, if you will allow them that is. What will you learn from this story? After all in reality it is your story. All the answers are within it – and more questions too.

Understanding the application of rules

Don’t step on the cracks! Don’t stray from the path! Don’t talk to strangers! These are some of the ‘rules’ that we were given as children, and that we give to our children too.

Being more attentive to the signs and signals being gifted to us all the time with the people we know and have possibly figured out, can show us new facets of character that we may have just let go without question. Do you have someone

in your family whom you love but you’re really not sure about some of the things they say or do? The rules say that you must abide by the rules of the Tribe, Clan, Family and yet… When are you aware of making up your own mind? Indeed, do you make up your mind for yourself or is it safer to just use the rules as a shield to keep you safe, secure and in one place? Will you go with us into the Forest of the Fae and find your Wolf? Will you run there? Will you fly through undergrowth and fern littered trails on four velvet paws? Will you sing your Soul Song to the Moon, your song, your one and only Song?

Will you find yourself a lone wolf or be a Seeker of the Wisdom Keepers? Will you make a new Pack and run with it? Who will abide by your rules? Whose skin will you walk in?

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