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The Shamanic Journey

Howard & Elsa MalpasA two day non-residential course in Glastonbury or West London with Howard and Elsa Malpas.

These weekend introductory courses on shamanism will introduce you to key techniques required for shamanic journeying, a core element of shamanic practice.

"Thank you both for such a wonderful experience this weekend. It was truly enlightening, inspiring and radiated with the love you both have for your teaching and those that join you". Andrew – Geologist

On this course you will learn

  • About Shamanism and other realities
  • Space clearing and creating sacred space
  • Journeying to the Lower World and Upper World to get in touch with our power animals and spirit guides
  • Using the drumbeat to change our consciousness
  • Working in pairs to get guidance for each other
  • Divining, using tools from nature

This course is a pre-requisite for the Shamanic Practitioner Training. It gives you the opportunity to meet us and see if you feel good working with us before you sign up to longer commitments with us. We look forward to meeting you.

Course Price

Full price: £120. Concession: £100. Deposit: £40.

Course Dates


Sat 6th & Sun 7th October 2018
Sat 5th & Sun 6th January 2019
Sat 10th & Sun 11th August 2019
Sat 5th & Sun 6th October 2019

NB: Dates may be liable to change at the discretion of our tutor. Please contact Penny Gould on 07779 254688 if you have any queries.


We can offer a concessionary rate for students of this course at a B & B in town. Please contact the office for more information.​

You will learn about the history of shamanism and how it has always been about service to the community

You will also learn about the non-ordinary realities where the shamanic work to help ourselves and others is performed. In Shamanism there are generally three main areas, namely the Lower World, Middle World and Upper World. During this weekend we shall be concentrating on the Lower and Upper Worlds to make a strong connection with our power animal guides and our spirit guides.

The Lower world is usually full of lush verdant things, not unlike the Garden of Eden. Within the Lower World we would expect to meet our power animal allies and many wonderful places to explore. The Lower World is connected to the past, so that is where we go to obtain healing and information connected with past events.

The Upper world is usually a more ethereal place, where we can expect to meet our spirit guides, who will often be in human form (but not always) You will learn how to be open to whatever you are shown. The upper World is connected to the future, so this is where we would go to obtain guidance for our future.

You will experience journeys to all these non-ordinary realities that not only give you guidance and information but also allow you to be creative in a most delightful way.

Space Clearing and Creating Sacred Space

You will learn how to create sacred space making an altar that contains symbols of the four elements of nature. You will learn how to call on the power of these elements and our guiding spirits to open to open and hold that sacred space for you, whilst you undertake your healing work.

You will also learn how to clear stagnant energy from your own homes and places of work and how to keep the energies around you free and flowing. This is a very special area of shamanic work that can help yourself and others in every aspect of their personal and working lives.

You will feel the energies of the guiding spirits supporting you. You will experience the difference around and within you as you get involved in keeping your personal space clear and the energies flowing freely.

Journeying to the Lower World and the UPper Worlds to get in touch with your power animals and spirit guides.

You will be journeying to your own non-ordinary reality map, first to the Lower World to meet your power animal guides, then to the Upper World to meet your spirit guides. These journeys form the basis for all Shamanic work, so it is important that we have a good grounding in the way we use this powerful practice.

It is recommended that you journey on a daily (or at least weekly) basis to build that strong trusting relationship that is so essential between you and your allies. You need to know you can trust the information that you are being given.

You will experience a plethora of amazing events. In all the years we have been journeying to these non-ordinary realities we are still delightfully surprised by the joy and knowledge available to us there.

Using the Drumbeat to Change our Consciousness

We shall be using the drumbeat to journey to the non-ordinary realities. The ancient cultures all knew the power of the drumbeat, and scientists have now acknowledged that the drum beats with the same resonance as the Earth. It is no wonder other cultures have called it the “Heartbeat of the Earth”

We shall also be using the beat of the drum to dance ourselves into a non-ordinary reality, where we can gain information and move blocked energies in our physical bodies.

You will experience the magic of feeling the beat of the drum moving through your body, and hear the other resonances that echo through the ether.

Working in Pairs to get Guidance for each other

As you get more used to journeying you will be working in pairs to get guidance for your partner. Many students find that to do a journey for a partner to get general guidance or the answer to a particular question is easier than doing a journey for themselves.

You will also be doing a classic Shamanic Power Loss Journey, this will involve journeying into non-ordinary reality to connect with a power animal for your partner and bringing back this ally for them into this ordinary reality.

You will experience what has been a major part of all who walk the Shamanic Way. You will experience the joy of serving and the magic of assisting another to live more fully.

Diving using tools from nature

During these two days your will be using rocks, stones and other things from nature including flowers, grasses or anything that you feel drawn to use. We will work in pairs with one person asking their question while the other write down the information received, and will support each other as we seek our guidance.

You will experience the joy of working in partnership and understanding more of the secrets nature has in her many aspects.

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