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The Path of the Sacred Clown with Rachel Caine

“Clown Within” is a celebration of love, life and laughter through the eyes of the Sacred Clown Medicine Trickster. This will be a wonderful weekend exploring the delightfully crazy, loving and poetic world of the Sacred Clown, who plays with extremes to help hold this world in balance.

No previous clowning experience is necessary, and the course will also be suitable as a refresher for those with some sacred clown experience and as a new approach for clowns and fools trained in a different way.

You can expect to discover:

  • Greater Trust in the Unknown
  • Authentic Self-expression
  • Liberation of inner creative fire
  • Release of inhibitions
  • Deep love and compassion
  • Playfulness, laughter and fun!

We will begin to explore sacred clowning through play, dance, music, singing and deep heart to heart connections. To be “silly” means to be blessed, and this shamanic path of authentic magic is a path of great blessings. Love and laughter are needed more than ever as we weave a new dream together and this is a call to anyone who wants to lighten up, feel more free in self-expression and connect more deeply to bring joy to the world. You can expect to laugh a lot whilst surrendering to the unknown, safely held in a sacred space of great love, gentleness and compassion

Course Price

Full price: £120. Concession: £100. Deposit: £40

Course Date

Saturday and Sunday - 23rd-24th June 2018

Course Time

Saturday and Sunday: 10:30am-5:00pm


The Avalon Community Centre, 1, King Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9JX


We can offer a concessionary rate for students of this course at a B & B in town. Please contact the office for more information.​

“Clown Within” is a celebration of love, life and laughter through the eyes of the Sacred Clown, Medicine Trickster, a mirror to the soul, a truth-teller and a healer, who can bring joy to transform sadness and a loving heart to heal pain and suffering. This is Clowning as medicine, where we learn to be consistently light and playful at the same time as operating with enormous compassion and understanding, combined with clarity of vision and integrity of intent. It is in this sense a Sacred Warrior´s path and is for those who are willing to go to the edge and leap, empty-handed, trusting deeply in the unknown and with the willingness to surrender to whatever the moment brings...

Clowning is spontaneous – in the moment, openhearted, vulnerable, and at the same time clear of humour in even the darkest of places. It is this absolute commitment to joy that can transform energy in such a magical way. The Sacred Clown´s path is a spiritual path of authentic magic.

This course will provide a wonderful opportunity to learn more about compassion, vulnerability, humour and healing through the heart of the red nosed clown. We will play, dance, sing and laugh, explore our inter-connectedness to find creative and light-hearted “soul-utions” to the aches, pains and trials of life and death. The Sacred Clown has the courage to expose the follies of the human condition and always comes from a place of love.

We will intersperse our play with sharing circles where there will be plenty of space to be heard, to listen, to be validated and encouraged to go to the edge and jump... as we explore the emotional terrain of which the Sacred Clown is master...

“Come to the edge he said,
We are afraid, they said...
Come to the edge...
They came,
He pushed them...
And they flew”

This course is suitable for healers, Shamanic practitioners, therapists, doctors, nurses, carers of any profession, as well as actors and performers of any discipline who would like to explore the art of clowning with reference to a healing context. It is also suitable for anyone wishing to bring more joy and compassion into their life. Previous clown experience is absolutely not necessary. It will also be suitable as a refresher for those with some sacred clown experience and as a new approach for clowns and fools trained in a different way. As clowns we always start with beginner´s mind.

Previous students´ experience:

“Clowning has made an incredible difference to my life. I´m more confident, more creative, have more energy, am more honest about what I feel and think”. Wendy Fitton, Counsellor

“Your course was just the very best for me. It really connected with forgotten parts, got rid of parts that needed to be forgotten and was such a laugh”. Venetia Young, GP

“I have never felt so alive in a workshop.” Kimberley - clown doctor

“What a FAB day! I feel I´ve been on a mystical journey and feel full of joy. Thanks for everything – including the broom, the apple and the Zappo wig”. Rachel Pugh

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Concessions are available to full time students, people over 60 years of age, recipients of Maximum Universal Credit and excluding Mobility Allowance including Disability Allowance. If you are applying online for concessionary rates, you can upload a scan or photo of your benefit entitlement. Alternatively, you can post a photocopy of your benefit to the office with your application form for our records.

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