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A Ceremonial Teaching & Gathering.

Brooke Medicine EagleTwo Day Workshop in the Heart of Glastonbury with Brooke Medicine Eagle – A Magical and Empowering non-residential two days.

In wise primary cultures, ceremony was the basis of creating a good life on this sweet Earth, through which people gathered together, lifted themselves into a clear, transcendent state to honor life and to send intention forward for the unfoldment of their lives. We will learn about & create powerful & beneficial ceremony for our beautiful planet, clearing ourselves & calling our finest allies to sing & dance our love into the ground.

On this course you will learn about:

  • The two-pronged horns of shamanic ceremonial leaders
  • The use of powerful metaphor & intent for healing transformation
  • Song, dance, drumming, & rattling for ritual augmentation
  • Physical space, & creation of a nurturing & safe circle
  • Entrancement & consciousness shifting
Brooke will guide you in creating a unique ceremony of empowerment and manifestation that we will dance as a finale. 

Course Price

Full price: £150. Concession: £120. Deposit £40.

Course Date

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th August 2017

Course Times

Sat & Sun 10am -5pm


Avalon Community Centre, King Street, Glastonbury, Somerset.

  • Ceremonial leaders must hold many aspects of consciousness as they lead ceremony. Brooke will share with you about the two primary ones which are represented as the dual horns on the shaman’s headdress. 
  • Metaphor is the language of consciousness which ceremonial leaders use in a conscious and powerful way to produce the healing rituals they offer. intent is the basic vibration of the whole being and must be clear and signed for positive ceremonial work. 
  • Although words are useful, Brooke will share non-verbal ways of moving people in gatherings with the focus of creating change. You will learn songs and forms of dance. Correct drumming technique and etiquette will be shown as well as rattling for various outcomes. 
  • Certain kinds of spaces lend themselves to powerful ceremony - we will learn about those, as well as the making of a conscious, safe and empowering web to hold the energy of the work. 
  • To do the deeper work of transformation, there must be a building of heart resonance, mind-synch, and body connection, which entrains the energetic whole into a powerful and catalytic instrument.
  • You will put what you have discovered into practice in order to facilitate deeper learning and the ability to take it home - creating a ceremony specifically for that moment in time and what is needed for yourselves and for Mother Earth / All Our Relations. You will want to bring simple ceremonial dress – the swaying skirts of women have long been a part of the entrancing dance of life, and men also wear something that has power & meaning - a special shirt, vest, ceremonial belt, or other garb.  

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