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Shamanic Practitioner Training


Howard & Elas MalpasAn inspirational and life-enhancing course that trains you to become a Shamanic Practitioner with Howard and Elsa Malpas.

This year long training course will teach you a wide range of Shamanic techniques that you can use for your own growth and development, and to be able to work with others.

"Thank you for the wonderful Shamanic course. Even more than the amazing techniques you have taught us, I was really touched by the real kindness, love and understanding you have shown us. As for me my life has opened up beyond belief and I feel equipped to help others in a profound and extraordinary way. You are truly wonderful teachers and I feel honoured to know you". ZM — School Teacher

On this course you will learn:

  • How to develop and enhance your journeying skills and create a closer connection to the natural world.
  • How to work with Soul Retrieval and Past Life healing
  • How to work with Extraction Medicine
  • How to work with Possessions and De–Possession
  • How to work with Psycho–pomp, with groups and also individual souls needing Rescue work
  • About Shamanic Ceremonies and Healing Rituals
  • How to work with those who have taken their own lives
  • Working with your own Ancestral line

You will need to have completed The Shamanic Journey weekend course before attending this training.

This course starts with a 6 day intensive, four of which are residential, plus 2 more non-residential weekends in Glastonbury finishing with a 5 day meeting 3 of which are residential. There will be ongoing supervision throughout the course and after you have completed the course training you will be given a Student Practitioners Certificate. Once you have completed the necessary case studies and worked under supervision for another 6 months you will be awarded a Shamanic Practitioners Certificate.

Please note that vegetarian meals are provided during the residential sessions with special diets catered for as requested.

Warrior in the Heart Foundation have a Block Insurance Scheme with Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers.

Course Price

Full price: £1400
Deposit £225 for those paying in full by 1st March.

For those paying by instalments there are different deposit amounts ranging from none to £350.00. For more information please ask for a copy of our instalment options to be sent to you.

Course Dates

  • Meeting 1: Sat 30th – Sun 31st March 2019 – non residential in Glastonbury
    Residential session follows this weekend at the EarthSpirit centre (near Glastonbury) at 12 noon on Mon 1st April – 5pm on Thurs 4th April 2019
  • Meeting 2: Sat 13th – Sun 14th July 2019 – non residential in Glastonbury
  • Meeting 3: Sat 19th October – Sun 20th October 2019 – non residential in Glastonbury
  • Meeting 4: Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd February 2020 — non-residential
    Residential session follows at EarthSpirit Centre, nr Glastonbury from Mon 24th February – Wed 26th February 2020


We can offer a concessionary rate for students of this course at a B & B in town. Please contact the office for more information.​

Special Note

Please download this form, complete it, and return one copy to the Foundation when submitting your application.

There will be on-going Supervision throughout the course, at the end of which you will be given a Student Practitioner Certificate. Once you have completed the necessary case studies and worked under supervision for further 6 months you will be awarded a full Shamanic Practitioners Certificate.

On this course you will learn:

How to develop and enhance your journeying skills

You will learn more about each area of Shamanic non-ordinary reality, seeking to find many different areas and levels in the realms of the Lower and Upper Worlds.

We will be familiarising ourselves with the many and varied areas of the Middle World. This is a place of duality. We will be looking deeply into the beauty of the world of plants, trees and minerals as well as the Faery Kingdom. We shall also be looking equally deeply into the not so beautiful parts of the Middle World where there is much healing to be done. We use the beat of the drum and other methods of accessing these usually hidden realms.

You will journey to the many and varied areas in your own non-ordinary inner map to familiarise your selves with what sort of guidance you can expect from each. You will learn more about the guides and allies that help you get the guidance you seek, so that you can implicitly trust that information.

You will gain valuable experience and guidance for yourself and others.

You will also experience the wonder of your own inner map that will help you to understand more about who you are. You will be working with the natural five elements within yourself - the Air of your breath; the Fire of your passions; the Water of your emotions; the Earth of your physical body; and the Spirit of who you are.

You will also be working with the natural five elements around yourself and everyone else - the Air of the wind that blows around us; the Fire of the Sun that warms us and assists growing things; the Water that flows in the rivers and seas and that neither we nor the plant kingdom can live without; the Earth, our home, the place that gives us the opportunity to live and experience our physical bodies; and the Spirit in everything around us avidly shown by the way nature works to heal, survive, and grow.

You will experience a greater understanding of the world you live in and how the natural world interacts within everything we do, think and feel. We will spend time outdoors to attune ourselves to everything natural around us, particularly during our residential time together.

How to work with Soul Retrieval and Past Life Healing

When we experience a traumatic event, a part of our soul essence can separate from us as a means of survival. Shamanic Soul Retrieval is a healing technique to connect with and return that soul essence.

You will learn more about the many reasons why a soul part moves away from us and how everyone and everything is looked after, even those that appear to be behaving in a very unloving way. Until this complete healing of an event takes place, on some level the event is still happening.

You will learn about when it is appropriate to do a soul retrieval healing and when it is not.

You will be using a simple but effective technique to track the lost soul part that is ready to come back and that the owner is ready to receive, then return the essence to where it belongs. You will also learn how to support a client after the return.

You will experience your own soul retrieval healing, discovering what it feels like to have a soul part returned to you so that you will better understand what your clients are likely to experience. Soul retrieval will be a part of the case studies you will need to complete the course.

You will learn how to work with another to shamanically seek out a relevant past-life to heal any unresolved issues that are keeping us from the gifts that that life has given. During the past-life contact you will obtain as much information as you can, including the most relevant part of that life, the death, and the last thoughts. You will also learn how to release emotions that are still held within that body.

You will experience your own past-life healing. This will not only help you to understand what your clients will be experiencing, but will also help you to heal your own unresolved issues. Past-life healing will be a part of the case studies you will need to complete the course.

How to work with Extraction Medicine

You will learn how to remove spiritual intrusions, which are an external essence that has found its way into our energy field causing a dis-harmony. Often through fear, we become open to allowing others unloving thoughts and actions to affect us, we will experience how to use Extraction Medicine to clear these unloving energies, including curses. These will include ancestral curses and include looking after the ancestral line after the curses are removed.

You will experience your own extraction of any spiritual intrusions that maybe affecting you at this time, and the release that your clients will feel after this particular healing.

How to work with Possession and De-Possession

You will learn about Possession and De-possession. Possession is when a discarnate spirit is using the body of a carnate soul. Looking at ways we can help those that are possessed and also the possessors.

We will look after the possessed so they are no longer vulnerable to be used in this way again and look after the possessors to help them to the place they need to go to continue their own journey into the Hereafter,

You will experience how to check on others to see if there is a discarnate spirit that is using their physical body to support them, rather than moving on after death.

How to work with Psychopomp, with groups and also individual souls needing Rescue work.

You will learn how to rescue the spirits of the deceased who are stuck in limbo unable to move into the world of Spirit without help to cross over. This is called ‘psychopomp’, meaning conductor of souls. We will also teach how to work with those who have committed suicide and how to help them across when they are ready.

You will experience being able to check on loved ones or friends that have died, to see if they have moved on to continue their journey into the Hereafter. If they need help to move into this place, you will be able to help them cross over.

We will also work together as a group to aid those whose death was caused by major world traumatic disasters where often souls are still waiting to be helped so they can continue their own personal journey into the Hereafter.

You will learn about Shamanic Ceremonies and Healing Rituals

You will learn many different ceremonies and rituals, including the Fire Ceremony, and the Sweat lodge Ceremony, the Sweat lodge being symbolic of our entry into the womb of Mother Earth.

You will experience the beauty and magic of doing ritual and ceremony together and working as a community to use these ancient ways for the good of all.

Together we will prepare the Sweat lodge, dedicating each rock as we build the fire that will later heat them. The hot rocks will be placed in the central pit in the Sweat lodge, then water will be splashed on them to create the steam that is essential to create the atmosphere we need. The whole day is spent on the ceremony to prepare the lodge site and ourselves for the exquisite experience of sitting in the Sweat lodge and expressing our feelings and gratitude for our Earth journey, bearing witness to each other. Sweat lodge is an ancient way of sitting in counsel.

"The Shamanic Way has given us much joy, wise counsel and a passion for life". Howard and Elsa


"After a year of listening to your sage words the moment is ripe for you to fall silent for just a few minutes. My grandmother said the only people you should try and get even with are those that have helped you. This is the time for us students to redress that balance and from all our hearts express our deep felt thanks for all the work, effort, support and kindness you have given us over the last year.

The very best teachers effect eternity for they never know where their influence stops. Both as a group and individually we have all grown into our shamanic reality and nurtured our souls so they can bloom into their potential. What sculpture is to a block of marble education is to the soul. All of ours have been forever reshaped by your guidance and for that we will be ever grateful. There is that old legend of the Indian woman who over her life weaves her wonderful blanket but will leave a flaw in it to let the soul free. Howard and Elsa taking our meagre shamanic abilities with powerful intent you have produced a beautiful tapestry where our flaws have been shown as important parts of our whole without which our spirits cannot fly free. Horace the Greek philosopher best summed up the conundrum which exists in this world where people will hasten to remove anything which hurts their eye but postpone the cure for many years if it is something which affects their soul. What you have shown us is that maybe our group can join with the community, the shamanic movement you have created, a start to reset the balance.

Now comes the hard part. I've never understood where the good is in goodbye. But, I have learnt not to be too dismayed. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after moments or a lifetime is certain for those that are friends. That there is a close bond between our group is unquestionable and like the latitudes and longitudes that describe our earth friends can be far away but with a little thought you can always find them. I hope we can all remain in touch and continue to assist and support each other in our journeys ahead. As a good sailor I can tell you the world is round and the place that appears to be an end is also the beginning. We are all impatient for this new start. Thank you again for giving us a wonderful new course to steer". With fondest blessings from all your shamanic practitioner students 2009 – 2010

"Thank you from the very essence of my soul for everything over the past year. Thank you for your gently wisdom, your boundless compassion, your love so strong it can hold us all - with room for more. You both truly grace the world with love, living as daily examples of just how huge a difference it is possible to make. It is a complete honour to know you and spend time with you". Jennifer C - Complementary -Therapist

"Thank you for the marvellous work you have done with us and allowed us to do over the past year. You are truly an inspiring couple in the truest sense of the word". John B - Author

"Thank you so much for a life changing experience. I never imagined even an eighth of what we all shared. And the visions and energy we experienced together. I feel honoured, humbled and filled with immense joy and Great Love. I can't remember any experience, so profound and essential in my existence so far - I am honoured to have been a part of that group". Jenny l - Midwife

"Thank you with all my heart for the joy, pain, growing and remembering you have brought into my life. I hope you will bring to other groups the one-ness we came to feel in our special circle". Liz - Social Worker

"Thank you so much for a continuingly wonderful experience. I have grown so much spiritually and have re-discovered my self-worth and confidence, that were lost years ago. Thanks very much for your love and care in this training, because of that I can receive so many signs of the other worlds. Thanks again for your help - I appreciate it more than I can say". S Mendez from Brazil

Would you like to apply for this course? Simply fill in the form and submit it to us.

Course Date
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Date of Birth
Because the nature of these trainings is transformative and energetic it is important for the teacher to know of certain mental & physical conditions. Answering these questions enables us to ensure your safe participation within the group. It is a requirement for you to answer the following questions. All information is held in total confidence.
Do you suffer from any of the following conditions? (Epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, high or low blood pressure, heart conditions)
Do you have or have you had any medical problems of an acute or chronic nature?
Have you ever had any mental health problems diagnosed or treated?

Do you have any physical needs that it would be useful for your tutor to know about? (Please note: we regret that most of our rooms are upstairs)
Are you taking any drugs prescribed or otherwise?
Please enter the number in the box below (case insensitive).
  CODE HINT: uppercase "N", lowercase "n", number four, number two, uppercase "F"

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