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In the past we have run university field trips which were designed to give students a chance to come and study various forms of contemporary spirituality in the field. We have also provided a training day for Christian clergy to introduce them to this area. We continue to offer student placements where individuals have the opportunity to actively engage in the community and carry out research projects under the supervision of one of our directors. Talks on Shamanism, Druidry and the Goddess Movement have been organised for undergraduates for universities such as Bath Spa.

We are delighted that Bath Spa University continue to visit us twice a year with their students and would welcome approaches from other Universities interested in Contemporary Spirituality. If you would like more information, you can contact us here.

University Field Trips

As part of the Foundation's commitment to the study of esoteric traditions and contemporary spirituality, we offer students the opportunity to learn about many aspects of contemporary spirituality and what is often called the "new age". Many call Glastonbury the "new age" capital of Britain and whatever the validity of such a claim, Glastonbury is certainly one of the most significant world centres for contemporary spirituality and religion.

It has an intriguing religious history which includes pre-Christian, Christian and post-Christian traditions. Within minutes of each other are ancient Pagan sites, the ruins of one of the most powerful Christian Abbeys in English history, and the Goddess Temple, which is acclaimed as being the first permanent site for the worship of the Goddess in Europe for hundreds of years.

Over the past few years, we have collaborated with Bath Spa University in the placements of students during their degree course in Contemporary Spirituality. A week with the Isle of Avalon Foundation gives students the opportunity to learn at first hand about pagan traditions and holistic spirituality. We have set up interviews and talks with Priestesses of Avalon, Shamans, Mediums, Druids and taken students on guided walks in the Avalonian landscape, which is steeped in Arthurian legend.

"This has been a tremendously valuable experience for our students, and we remain as a Department deeply committed to enabling our students to gain first hand experience of life in religious traditions with which they are unfamiliar. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given us in making this possible across the years and to ask you for your continued support. " Professor Denise Cush – Bath Spa University

Larger groups of students are also welcomed and the for the past few years we have organised lectures in Shamanism and the Goddess Movement with people who follow the Shamanic path and the Divine Feminine.

In the past the Isle of Avalon Foundation has run field trips designed in a way that enables students to learn about key aspects of the new age and contemporary spirituality. The field trip ran from Sunday evening to Wednesday and during that time students were introduced to the history, mythology and sacred sights of Glastonbury and took part in a range of sessions on various aspects of contemporary spirituality and religion as well as healing traditions. Seminars and discussion groups followed each session and for those who wanted it, there were opportunities to take part in various experiential activities.

The field trips can suit undergraduate or post graduate students, and a tailor-made field trip can be designed to suit your programme needs as well as accommodating individual students who want to pursue an area of study for a research project.

What Students Have Said About the Field Trips

The following are quotations taken from student evaluation forms:

‘Fantastic. I loved the tutors…and the healing sessions were a revelation. Thank you.’

‘Brilliant. Definitely want to experience it again.’

‘This trip was all I hoped for, and more.’

‘Fantastic – I’ve experienced a spirituality of humanity I didn’t know existed in the 21st century.’

‘It gave me a self esteem I didn’t know I had.’

‘My life has now altered in just three days.’

‘No words can really explain what I have gained.’

‘I got a lot out of this trip, more than I expected or even hoped for. It taught me things about myself I did not know…and I would definitely come again.’

‘This took my understanding of contemporary spirituality to another dimension.’

‘This was learning at its very best.Thanks so much.’

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