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Office Manager

Jo has just started working as office manager with the Isle of Avalon Foundation and is very excited to now be working with Elsa, Howard, Penny and Gary and all at the Isle of Avalon Foundation. Her journey home started four years ago when she discovered a flyer for Sweet–Track Counselling trainings advertised through the Isle of Avalon Foundation. She is a qualified and registered Social Worker with 18 years experience of working in the statutory and voluntary Youth and Community, social care and mental health sector.

Jo undertook the level 2 and 3 counselling course, which enabled her to focus on her personal and spiritual development and use this in everyday life and her work with clients. During this time she was also attuned as a Reiki practitioner and "discovered" Djembe and Shamanic drumming. She moved to Glastonbury in 2011 to continue her training through Sweet–Track Counselling and to return to community living.

Jo Read


Penny Gould joined the Isle of Avalon Foundation as a voluntary director in 2004. When the opportunity to become Office Manager came up in July 2008, she decided it was time to get totally immersed! She worked in the office for three fun packed years and moved to Sussex in 2011 to be nearer her family. However the lure of Glastonbury and its Avalonian heartbeat means that Penny is still a voluntary director and is actively involved with all that goes on.

Penny Gould


Initiation into the way of the Shaman began for Elsa with total paralysis following Polio at 11 years of age. She had a near death experience at this time, one of many throughout her life. For three years she was in a wheelchair unable to walk. Gradually with the help of guides and teachers from spirit, she managed to walk and overcome many other obstacles. Those years of struggle have given her a compassion for all people and a desire to work with those who need support and help.

As a young woman Elsa was a natural psychic and for many years sat in a healing circle at her local spiritualist church, until one day she became disillusioned with what she was doing. On a physical level the results were outstanding, but she knew there was more to do. She knew she was here to help and teach on a very deep soul level. There followed many years of confusion and disillusion with society and authority. She never stopped working with and for those in need, those with a soul need, but it was only upon reaching a major crossroads in her life, when she met Howard and they started a journey together that she realised what she was doing had a name: it was called Shamanism. Elsa is also a Director of the UK branch of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

Elsa Malpas


Claire joined the Isle of Avalon Foundation as a voluntary director in 2011 but has been connected with it for many years. She participated in the Shamanic Practitioner year-long course in 2004 and has furthered her studies and practice through various courses and teachers. Indeed, Claire has been working with Elsa and Howard as an assistant on the Practitioner course for some years now.

Having worked in the international wildlife conservation arena, Claire has a great affinity with the environment and different cultures and their cosmos! She helped to implement multi-disciplinary scientific and practical projects in remote and diverse regions, working with all cross-sections of societies. Her experience in the NGO sector and knowledge of grant and fund raising will hopefully be bountiful for the Foundation!

Claire Belsham


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