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The Isle of Avalon Foundation began life in 1991 as The University of Avalon, with the original vision to re-establish Glastonbury as a great centre of sacred learning. In 1995 it changed its name to The Isle of Avalon Foundation.

Today, The Isle of Avalon Foundation runs a wide variety of educational programmes and courses and has certainly increased its portfolio since those early, visionary days. These programmes and courses put us at the cutting edge of teaching and learning in the fields of contemporary spirituality, the new age and personal development. What we do can be seen to fall into three basic programmes of study:

  • The Higher Education Programme
  • The Training Programme
  • The Vocational Programme

The Higher Education Programme

In the past we have run university field trips which were designed to give students a chance to come and study various forms of contemporary spirituality in the field. We have also provided a training day for Christian clergy to introduce them to this area. We continue to offer student placements where individuals have the opportunity to actively engage in the community and carry out research projects under the supervision of one of our directors. Talks on Shamanism, Druidry and the Goddess Movement have been organised for undergraduates for universities such as Bath Spa.

The Training Programme

The training programme consists of a range of courses we run that train people to practice in various areas of contemporary spirituality and healing. In this context we mean practice in a professional sense, and all of the courses have been designed with such professional concerns in mind, not least of all because of the need for insurance. All of the courses can be taken purely for interest, as the professional element of the course is done through a range of assessed work, that in many courses can be optional.

The trainings in this programme are:

  • The Shamanic Practitioner's Training

The Vocational Programme

This programme of short courses are for those people who want to study a particular tradition within contemporary spirituality or other relevant skills, such as divination. These courses are open to anyone, and although some courses offer forms of initiation into a particular spiritual tradition, the courses themselves can be taken for interest only as any initiatory aspect is purely optional. The workshops are mostly non-residential weekend courses, although occasionally we do offer one day workshops as well.

The courses in this programme are:

  • The Shamanic Journey
  • Family Constellations
  • An Away Day With the Faeries
  • Shamanic Craft Workshop
  • How to Write a Book in 3 Months

Each year we aim to develop new and exciting courses in order to bring you the latest teachings in their field.

For more details of all our courses, please look at the Courses page.

Latest News

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A two-day workshop with Andreas Kornevall

June 15th & 16th 2019

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A Trembling of the Veil


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